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Buying a Home, Home Buying Services Summary

We have an interesting discussion below about buying a home "Direct" from the Owner in order to save yourself nearly 6% of the cost of buying a home rather than dealing through a realtor as well as Articles by Real Estate Professionals discussing home buying issues of interest.

Our Home Listings and Home For Sale searches are designed to help make finding and buying a home as efficient and productive as possible.  Our Advanced Search includes 23 different criteria so you can spend your time reviewing only those homes in areas and with the specific qualities you are interested in.

You can save more Time buying a home with our Automatic New Home Listing NotificationWhen a new property is listed which meets your request we email you a Custom Search Results URL, One Mouse Click and in seconds all the new listings matching your request are there to conveniently review.  Your contact information is kept private and we do not contact you ourselves except to send your requested notification.

Buying a home directly from the owner has never been easier.  Our service helps make buying a home as easy and affordable as possible.

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Buying a Home Direct From The Owner

Since the sellers always think property is worth more than buyers want to pay, it is logical that deals should be easier to make when a 6% middleman is taken out of between two parties that already have a difference of perspective about what is a fair price.  Out of the box, the buyer and seller are 6% closer to a deal.  As information resources continue to increase, buyers should increasingly find that they can pay a reasonable professional service fee to an Attorney, an Appraiser, and an Inspector and with this competent professional help buy property cheaper than paying a 6% commission to a realtor.  There was a time when buyers, without the assistance of a realtor, could not get enough quality information about what properties were available in an area at what asking prices and the related information about the details of each of those properties to make a comparative evaluation as to whether the asking price of a particular property is reasonable or not and to have an ample selection of properties to choose from such that they could end up with a good deal on property that suited them just right.  Today information is much more easily exchanged.  Sellers can advertise their homes nationwide for months for under a hundred dollars and in many areas the prior sale prices of homes are available from the property tax appraisal districts at their public web sites.  There are so many information resources available today that the realtors informational value has at the very least been substantially diminished.  The professional services of Attorneys, Appraisers, and Inspectors are being paid for at closing by most buyers anyway so savvy  buyers will increasingly use all these information resources, drive themselves to go see the property, discover that they can indeed find the property they want without the realtors assistance, and are able to make a better deal, Direct.  The American Bar Association publishes a Handy Reference Guide For Home Buyers & Sellers.  You can find it along with a collection of other interesting Books on the subject of Buying Real Estate at The Online Store.

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